Web Committee




Website Committee



       Members :-


  •  Mr. Deepal Suthar (I/c)
  •  Mr. Ashutosh
  •  Computer Instructor
  •  All Departments' Head



       Duties :- 

  • To ensure that the stock of computer laboratory is being maintained in proper order.
  • To maintain a record of the register of the use of the computer in the Vidyalaya.
  • To maintain the website of the Vidyalaya on day to day basis
  • To purchase and install all required software from genuine outlets.
  • To maintain records relating to the computer and the updation of the vidyalaya website once in a period of 10 days  and positively by 2nd, 12th, & 22nd of every month.
  • To monitor the use of Computers and Internet by the students.
  • To check the computer laboratory and computers are maintained in clean state and ensure proper security of the computers in the Vidyalaya.
  • To maintain the stock of computers and the virus file duly updated
  • To ensure that the unwanted sites access is being blocked and the computers are being used productively for the purpose of education
  • To ensure that the computers not working are immediately attended to and necessary action for their repairs taken.
  • To plan for the expansion and development of ICT facilities in the Vidyalaya.
  • To ensure that the reports in respect of the computers are being sent to the Regional Office in time (ICT   INFRASTRUCTURE)
  • To Maintain & Update The Website Periodically
  • To Improvise The User Friendliness Of The Website
  • To Constantly Monitor The Data Uploaded And The Works Of The Student For Originality.
  • To Any Other Website Related Work As & When KVS Instructs